The Veil of Ashes (Princess Vigilante #2)

Author: S. Usher Evans

Publisher: Sun’s Golden Ray Publishing

Number of Pages:  257 pages

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Rating: 5 Stars

Blurb :

Blindsided by betrayal, Brynna has been licking her wounds away from the city she loves. But the call to duty soon becomes too much to bear, and Brynna embarks on a quest for friends and allies who’ll help her reclaim what was once hers. But vengeance comes with a heavy toll, one Brynna isn’t sure she’s willing to pay.

Synopsis :

After being killed, Bryanna recovers under Celia and stays away from her city out of guilt. But the good old friend Celia gives her the needed motivation, drops her right in front of the Forcadel City gates!! She crawls back to her city and realizes that things have turned worse than she expected! With the help of her allies she heads to Neimen. Neimen agrees to help under one condition. If Bryanna can get the Kulkans to help her, Neimen will send her the help she asked for. She goes to Kulka knowing that the king of Kulka hates her for breaking off her engagement with the Kulkan Prince. In Kulka she faces the expected hostility. The Kulkans price for their help was Neveri, the border city that lies between Forcadel and Kulka. She’d have found the task super easy if she never lied about the number of soldiers she had. Yet, with the help of Celia’s soldiers, few of her Foradelian supporters and Luard and his Neimen friends she achieves the impossible!! Here they go to win Forcadel!!

(I was provided with an e – ARC by the author in exchange for an honest review. All the opinions, thoughts and feelings expressed below are my own)

This book has a great amount of character developments. You see a different aspect of every single person you’ve already met in the book one. The new characters are very much interesting too.  The author has done a great job shaping each character.

Starting with Bryanna, who was hiding, regretting her own past and mistakes will change into an independent, strong woman. Her journey to Nimen and Kulka brings so much change into her character. Learning to deal with her fears, learning the life style of ordinary people in Nimen and Kulka, working with Luard and his friends have added a great lot of positivity into Bryanna’s vision. The way she faced her fears and the way she started behaving like a queen was incredible!

Felix finally, finally accepts the fact that he loves Bryanna! Yess!!! I was waiting for this to happen and yes!! He finally did confess it! Felix being vulnerable and taking risks to save his friends is another major character development I saw in this book. Felix wasn’t a person who would look for loopholes in law. But he did it for Bryanna.

Celia’s character becomes more and more interesting. I’m still curious to know what this woman has kept in store to surprise us! Ilara, being an adorable villain!!! I love this character to some extent. Her boldness, strength and diplomacy is pretty impressive.

I almost forgot Luard!! He was such a gentleman. Who would risk so much for his sister and his sister’s friend? His generosity and kindness was one of the biggest strength Bryanna had.

The author had showcased the weak side of certain characters as well. Especially during moments like, Felix giving up his protection to save his love and friendship and Bryanna regretting her past.

The setting was beautiful too. The cities Nimen and Kulka were beautifully described. The Nimen underground tunnels reminded me of dwarfs’ constructions from Lord of the Rings and the Inheritence Cycle.

Narrating the story using two characters points of view made it easier to understand what happens in both ends. While Bryanna was narrating the story from her point of view. We learnt what was happening in Forcadel through Felix.  

That end was compelling! That was the end I was expecting but never thought it would feel so good to read an ending like that!

Author Usher Evans knows how to get a sequel written!! A page turner. Unputdownable! Fast phased, action filled, thrilling, enthralling and phenomenal!! A five star read! This story gets better with each part!! With the story building and the amount of action that was involved, I can’t wait to know what happens next!!

If you’re looking for a fascinating and heart thumping read, this is the series you should get to yourself! This series will never disappoint you!

Until next time,

Much love,

Amna. xoxo.

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