Want to Surprise a Bookworm?? Gift them one of these!!!

Every bookworm is unique. They think different. They imagine a lot. Their likes are different. Sometimes you may find them weird, but believe me they are the best kind of people you’ll ever meet! I’ll talk about this in a separate post, now let me come to the point.

So, as I told you before….. Do you want to surprise your best buddy who’s a bookworm? Do you want to make your nerdy girlfriend feel special and loved? May be you want to just present a gift to your book loving friend???  And…. You’re out of ideas? Let me help you!!

Check out these! You’ll definitely give a huuuge surprise to a bookworm by presenting these! I’ve added few of my favourite stores with their links below. Don’t forget to check them out!!!

First and foremost,

Bookish Candles

These are related to books. Such as, places, names, couples, with related fragrances. Let’s say you bought a ‘Rhysand” candle, and this will smell absolutely like him. The cinnamon roll!!

Little mouse bookshelf

Once upon a wick candles

Midnight flame candles


Bookish Jewelry, pins and Bookmarks

Necklaces, earrings, bracelets and brooches related to books. Each jewelry will be customized according to your favourite book, place or character!

Elissa J Designs

Fan Girl Pixie Jar


Book related bookmarks! Mark your books with your favourite book’s bookmark!

The Tsundoku Chronicles Etsy

Wish Upon a Page

Book related pins! Adorable, tiny little pins those will decorate bags, coats etc. Let your girlfriend show off her gifts!!  😉



Bookish Perfumes

They are fascinating gifts! You’ll find perfumes made related to your favourite book, series or character!




T- Shirts and Tote Bags

T – Shirts and tote bags which carries bookish quotes. These will make a nerd girl /boy double happy! They’ll never say no to a bookish quote!

Books & Ballads


Journals/ Personalized Journals

Journals are one of the main literary evidences that keeps track of what we read. You personalize a journal or you get them a cute journal. Ha-ha! We’ll literally burst into tears!




Mugs with bookish quotes and characters! These can be made according to your need. Well now a days you find many shops who get your mugs personalized or printed for you!

The Doodle Soup



Book Subscription Boxes

These are one of the best gifts you can ever present to a bookworm! Buy them a monthly, 03 months, 06 months or yearly book subscription box!! Every time they receive one, you’ll be the reason for their happiness!

Firefly Book Bags

The Book Forest Crate

The Curious Crate



Socks/ Blankets/ Cushion Covers/ Pillow Covers

Bookworms love living a cozy life. Especially when they read. Buy them anything that’ll make their reading time or sleeping time a cozy, comfortable one. They’ll love you so much!!

Books & Ballads 

Living Royal


Personalized Stamps 

Book hoarders like to keep their books named and signed. Just to announce that “They are my books!” Why not give a stamp to leave their signature?

The Doodle Soup


Bookish Kindle/Phone Covers

The cutest present!! Every time they use the phone or the kindle, they’ll remember you!!!

Once Upon a Book Case



The ultimate and the easiest option. Buy them books which they badly want to read. Even bookstore vouchers would do wonders! Because they can buy the book they want!

Book Depository



there you go!! Hope this will help you next time when you buy a gift for the “Special Bookworm” in your life!!

Until next time,,

Amna. xoxo 




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