Redemption (Demon Spring #3)



Author: S. Usher Evans

Publisher: Sun’s Golden Ray Publishing

Number of Pages:

Genre: Urban Fantasy

Rating: 5 Stars


With Bael taking Jack to the underworld once again, Anat and Cam are on the run to rescue him. Facing many obstacles, meeting new people they reach the underworld with great difficulties. Plotting against bail by risking their lives Anat, Cam and the Aththar Belus hold hands to face the looming war. This journey brings so many changes to each individuals lives separately.

My Thoughts:

This trilogy got better and better!! I’m totally in love with the Demon Spring Trilogy! I was overwhelmed the moment I set my hands to read the third book.

Character development was amazing! Each and every character involved were playing the best within their space. The moment I finished reading it, I just didn’t have enough words to describe my happiness! The end was astonishing!! Sometimes I found myself smiling sheepishly while reading! The feels!!! Whoa!  (Not to say that I cried during certain incidents)

Let me talk about each and every one!

Starting with Jack, his bravery was appreciable. No one would hold that strong to an emotional torture. What Bael did to him was unbearable. He held, he believed in his love. That is something no man would do!

Cam, the change of her character was super interesting to read. It was so brave of her to change into something she hates just because she wanted to save her friend. She and Lotan!! I ship Cam and Lotan yaass!!! Her bravery in front of Bael and other demons were extraordinary. Cam was my favourite character by the time I finished reading the series. I love her soo much!!!

Anya, I really do appreciate her for standing on her own at the end. She fought for him! That’s all we expect from our loved ones. For fight for us. I was screaming the moment I knew she was….. Well … I’d not say read it for yourself.

You may hate me for this but I felt bad for Bael. I was developing a crush on this villain! And wham!!! He’s ….. That’s too bad. Isn’t it?

This trilogy is one of the best Urban Fantasies I’ve read so far! The way it enlightened me about the good and bad which lies within the human beings.

“”I believe evil still lives in men’s hearts, and not all demons are full of their supposed sin. You, my dear, do not strike me as a prideful woman.”

Anya half – smiled. “I used to be”.

“Yes, but then you did something else. Choices my dears, are what makes a life.” “

This conversation is filled with truth and honesty. I loved this exact part of the book very much.

The end was epic! It was more than I expected. I would recommend this trilogy to all the fantasy lovers. ( I also received another good news from the author which I’m so excited to happen!!!)

Do check for the reviews of “Resurgence” and “Revival”, books 1 and 2 of the trilogy.

To purchase the books head to Sun’s Golden Ray Publishing.

Also you can purchase “Resurgence” the first book of Demon Spring Series from Amazon too!



Until next time…

with much love,

Amna. xoxo 

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